HOUSE CONCERTS are much more personal & intimate and don’t have the limitations that venues do. I have played them & I have hosted them as well. They are a BLAST and bring a lot of people together who have not managed to do so previously.
So...if you would be interested, or know someone who would be interested, in hosting/hostessing a House Concert, please let me know. I will provide all the musical necessities, P.A. etc...what I would need from you is some cleared space, not massive at all, & you notifying friends/family of the event. I will notify people as well, if you'd like me to. You can go public or private, that is up to you. You would not be expected to generate turnout, but it would be appreciated if you notified your peeps. I do it on the basis of a suggested donation of 10-15 dollars per attendee. I’d like to shoot for an average attendance of at least 15-20 people, but I’m certainly open & flexible to other arrangements should that be the case.
I will be doing the “unplugged” acoustic thing and sometimes have “special guests” join me. 
If you are interested, please call or email me with any detailed questions or specifics regarding when you might be interested in doing one. My phone# and email are available at the bottom of the page. I do understand that you might need to have some questions answered prior to being able to commit, so don’t hesitate in that sense. It is a lot of fun but does require some time & energy.

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