Dave Edwards

The story behind Dave Edwards’ dynamic full-length debut One Place to Turn is one of a dream deferred. Growing up the seventh born in a home of nine children, the Southern California raised, Golden, Colorado based singer/songwriter and guitarist was influenced by the classic rock his older siblings always played—and by his teens was writing songs and playing in bands. While he set aside his musical aspirations in his early 20s to start a family (which of course required launching a successful straight career in the building trade), he never lost sight of his true passion. Over the years, either living in the Central Coast region of California or in Colorado-- where he moved in the early 90s--he continued writing songs and performing occasional local gigs.
“The idea of focusing on music on a more full time basis always haunted me, and with my wife’s encouragement and the kids finally grown, I set up a home studio and started recording,” says Edwards. “I began revisiting songs I had written over the years and also started writing new material. I think the rich life experiences I’ve had over the years make me a much better songwriter now than I was in my 20s, and most of all I’ve been able to hone my skills as a musician.”
Though One Place To Turn isn’t a concept album per se, its 12 tracks carry heartfelt reflections on the notion of change being a good and necessary thing (most prominently on “Change Is My Friend”) and show a deep, spiritual songwriter at the height of his melodic and poetic powers as he explores his love of nature (“Winter Sky”, “Mountains”) and the desire to finally go after his dreams (“Reach For the Sky”). Edwards infuses his music with blues, rock, jazz and folk elements and attributes it to the musical influences he grew up on - Eric Clapton, Dave Mason, Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Stills, John Mayall and the late great John Lee Hooker. Edwards creates his hard-hitting emotional vibe with a band that includes Ed Edwards (guitar and vocals), Jim Fletcher (bass), Randy Rigby (keyboards), Ricardo Peña (Hammond B-3 organ), Christian Teele (drums/percussion) and Dave Thrush (saxophone).

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Malibu Music Awards 2013 Blues Artist of the Year


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