From the opening strains of “Girl of My Love”, listeners get the feeling that they are listening to an intimate musical diary of Dave Edwards’ life. He wrote that soulful and romantic pop/folk influenced tune many years ago for a true love, who eventually became his wife. The singer infuses light pop/jazz touches via sax harmonies on the deeply reflective “Change Is My Friend”, then digs in and seeks a helping hand on the gritty blues rocker “Help Me In My Mistake”. Edwards then starts his mini-nature suite that includes the stark, poetic meditation on “Winter Sky” and the mid-tempo, country-tinged pop/folk rocker “Mountains”, which features Ed Edwards on mandolin. The mid-tempo blues rocker “If You Get to Heaven” is a high-spirited working class declaration. He is joined by long time friend and co-producer Ed Edwards on electric guitar and Ricardo Peña lays down some chilling B-3 harmonies.
Entering a breezy, lighthearted mindset, Edwards decides to “Take Another Look” and break free from repetitive patterns and the dark circumstances he’s in, and then pledges his devotion on the blues-rock ballad “Nobody But You”. One of the album’s most deeply spiritual tunes is the title track, a brooding ballad with rich acoustic and baritone guitars and B-3 elements that reaches out for divine help to set a person free. Edwards will no doubt inspire many musicians in their life circumstances to “Reach For the Sky” (an easy flowing pop-rocker), but to do that, he reminds them that it’s important to “Turn The Next Page”, make some positive changes and move on with their life. The collection wraps with the bright bluesy pop/rock ballad “Everything That You Do”, which is designed to motivate people to confront their own potential. He asks, “How much truth and freedom do you seek?”

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Malibu Music Awards 2013 Blues Artist of the Year


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